• The perfect equilibrium: The all-new Himalayan strikes the perfect balance between capability and usability.It is an adventure tourer that has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 
  • Meticulously designed for the unknown: Inspired and shaped by the ever-evolving and often unpredictableHimalayan ecosystem, this motorcycle effortlessly adapts to the terrain, to the elements and to the rider. It istruly built for all roads, and for no roads. 
  • Many motorcycles rolled into one: Engineered for adventure and equipped for anything that comes its way,the Himalayan combines capability, simplicity and versatility – making it the only motorcycle you will ever need. 
  • An evolutionary leap ahead of its mould-breaking original avatar, the new Himalayan is powered by theSherpa 450, Royal Enfield’s first liquid-cooled engine. It comes adventure ready with upside-down front forks,and new features like Ride-by-Wire, and TripperDash full map navigation TFT display 

Royal Enfield, global leader in the mid-weight motorcycle segment (250cc – 750cc),today unveiled the all-new Himalayan at the EICMA Motor Show 2023, here at Milan, Italy. Based on Royal Enfield’s latest, lightest, and most technologically advanced vehicle integrated power train, the new Himalayan will be powered by the new Sherpa 450 liquid-cooled engine, and will have a host of new integrated tech-features that enhance and improve the adventure touring experience on the new motorcycle. Showcased today for global audiences, the new Royal Enfield Himalayan will be launched in India before the end of this year, and will subsequently be available across other regions.

Royal Enfield has a long association with the Himalayas, which has been the brand’s spiritual home and creative inspiration. The original Himalayan was inspired by the 60-year old tradition of exploring the Himalayas on a motorcycle, and was born in the Himalayas. Purpose-built, confidence inspiring and a capable, go-anywhere motorcycle, the Himalayan has proven itself time and again as the ideal motorcycle for adventure riding in these incredible mountains. It has been the motorcycle of choice for thousands of explorers across the world who have ridden it to traverse a multitude of locations and terrains, thereby creating a niche subcategory of adventure touring that is real, sensorial, and accessible. The new Himalayan evolves from this, builds on this proposition, and takes it several notches higher. 

Speaking about the brand’s connection with the mountains, and the inspiration for the all-new Himalayan, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director, Eicher Motors Ltd., said “At Royal Enfield, we have a deep connection with the Himalayas for over 60 years, and that led us to make the first Himalayan in 2016. We had great feedback for a purpose-built adventure tourer, and that gave us a lot of courage to go in for an absolutely new Himalayan. This motorcycle is ground-up with the all-new Sherpa 450, water-cooled engine, a 6-speed gearbox, and is absolutely purpose-made for the Himalayas. It has a single purpose; to do superbly well in unpredictable terrain and weather conditions that the Himalayas throw at it. We’ve designed this motorcycle to be the absolute best in the world to do that job. We’ve developed the chassis and the ergonomics to make it great for adventure touring. It is ‘the one’ motorcycle that you will need for any purpose, anywhere in the world; because if it can traverse the Himalayas, it can traverse anything in the world”.

Click on this link to hear Siddhartha Lal’s video message. 

The Himalayas are an ever-changing, ever shifting landscape and exploring in this region requires you to embrace change of plan at every step; from varying weather and unpredictable terrain to rivers that can be a trickle in the morning and mudguard-deep that same evening. The all-new Himalayan is designed to adapt to all such conditions;from its water-busting high air intake to its tough frame and luggage bars ready to take a beating when things don’t go as planned. The improvements over the original model have been driven by time spent in the saddle, from epic trips exploring the wildest mountains to riding in everyday situations. What’s more, the motorcycle has been tested and developed by explorers, globetrotters, experts and riders of all abilities across a huge range of conditions, both in adventure trips around wild landscapes and in controlled testing centres in the UK, Spain and in India. This testing program has resulted in a truly versatile motorcycle that is ready for anything and puts a smile on the face of every rider, whatever their ability level.

Speaking about the insights that went behind the conception of the new Himalayan and the development process of the motorcycle, CEO, B Govindarajan said, “Before we started working on the new Himalayan, we rode with our consumers, and spoke to globetrotters, explorers, and athletes. With the help of these insights and our own experience, we decided- critical DNA we needed to retain and a few we had to evolve on the new Himalayan. The all new Himalayan 450 is mated with the Sherpa 450, liquid-cooled engine,a first of its kind from Royal Enfield. It is also the first time we have ride-by-wire feature on our motorcycle that offers optimum delivery of power and torque for challenging terrains. Also, for the first time in collaboration with Google Maps, we have Tripper-Dash with full map navigation. We have extensively tested this motorcycle for more than 5500 kms, from 22 feet at Chennai to 19,024 feet at Um Ling La. The new Himalayan is therefore a combination of expert insights, new technology, and true Royal Enfield DNA”.

Click on this link to hear B Govindarajan’s video message. 

The mountain G.O.A.T. 

Nyoma, Ladakh. 4180m above sea level. Go there, grab a cup of chai from one of the cafes and watch the traffic passing. That should tell you all you need to know about the Royal Enfield Himalayan. A motorcycle born in the mountains, in less than a decade since its inception, that is synonymous with exploring this legendary region. The new Himalayan is an extension of that – it is shaped and built by the Himalayas, taking everything that was great about the original and adding more capability when the terrain demands it. Everything you need, and nothing you don’t; that was the overriding brief to the team. So, there are no features included that do not have a purpose. The new Himalayan is about simplicity, efficiency, just like the original.

Equilibrium between man, machine and terrain. 

Just like the original, the all new Himalayan is not about dominating the landscape and smashing through the terrain with aggressive tyres and a glut of horsepower. It is built to harness the power of the Himalayas and state of flow;to explore, be in harmony with the landscape and enjoy it while being capable of getting to the most remote areas.The new effortlessly adapts to the terrain, to the rider and to the elements. 

Built for all roads. Built for no roads. 

Capable but not intimidating; is the ethos of the Himalayan. From the improvements to power, performance and handling, the all new Himalayan is an easy, forgiving motorcycle to ride. Superb balance at low speed, combined with the new light-action clutch and smooth throttle response from the ride by wire system make easy work of tight trails and tight traffic alike. The adjustable rider seat lets you tune the fit of the motorcycle and the clear, easy-to-use TripperDash gives you all the information you need when you’re riding. 

On a twisty mountain road the new chassis offers improved cornering performance to match the extra power of the engine. Off road, the extra ground clearance, improved suspension travel and wide spread of torque from the engine make every trail easier. The new, more powerful Sherpa 450 motor gives useful improvement to highway riding as well as maintaining better performance at high altitude. The new motorcycle has more ground clearance to avoid getting beached off-road and a clear, simple navigation system to remove the need for a separate GPS unit on the handlebars. 

Power to the Peaks with the Sherpa 450. 

The new Himalayan has more power and torque and gives excellent low-rpm performance and stays true to the Royal Enfield character. With maximum power of 40.02PS at 8000rpm, and a maximum torque of 40Nm at 5500rpm the new 452cc Sherpa engine makes 90% of its torque from 3,000rpm upwards giving a tractable power delivery without needing to be revved to the moon to go anywhere. This characteristic is most helpful when climbing slippery slopes, allowing the Himalayan to find traction where others will spin. The performance combined with the torque delivery also allows comfortable two-up riding along with luggage. The new engine features a semi-dry sump design to maximise ground clearance and allow compact packaging. As Royal Enfield’s first liquid-cooled engine, it uses an integrated water pump and twin-pass radiator setup for optimum cooling, crucial when riding technical terrain at high altitude, something this motorcycle is fully intended for. A new six-speed gearbox means greater flexibility of ratios and better highway cruising. This drives through a new, cable actuated slip and assist clutch giving a lighter clutch action and longer clutch life. 

Fits like an adventure glove. 

The new Himalayan has higher ground clearance and long travel suspension which let you tackle more technical terrain without catching the chassis on the floor. An all-new steel twin-spar frame has been designed to give these benefits in an off-road situation, without making the Himalayan too tall or intimidating. The new frame is stiffer and stronger improving cornering performance and stability. The chassis includes a new Show a, cartridge-type inverted fork, designed to work across a wide range of conditions from smooth roads to rocky river beds. Quality suspension is not just about performance; a well-controlled fork makes it easier on the rider when tackling loose, unpredictable terrain, letting them concentrate on where they want to go, rather than reacting to every bump. The Himalayan retains the proven 21” front / 17” rear wheel combination, with newly developed aluminium alloy rims and bespoke tyres for superior grip, confidence inspiring handling and stability in both on and off road conditions. Additionally,the wider 140/80 rear tyre offers better traction and more confidence on tarmac or off-road conditions.

Ergonomics designed for explorers. 

With the new chassis and compact engine came the opportunity to improve rider ergonomics, particularly when riding in a standing position. The new motorcycle is narrower between the legs, allowing better control standing up and making it easier to get feet firmly on the floor when sitting. The rear section of the new 17-litre fuel tank has been slimmed down to give a more comfortable knee-recess when riding. The split type rider and pillion seat allows the rider seat to be adjusted up by 20mm. In addition to the standard seat, there is a low-seat available as an option.Between the standard and the optional low seat, the rider gets a wide range between 805mm, all the way to 845mm seat height. This, combined with the narrower frame and tank equates to better ground access. Both the rider and the pillion seats, as well as the seating triangle have been designed to offer maximum comfort for long hours on the saddle, on or off the road. 

Introducing the TripperDash – your adventure ally. 

Taking from the brief of ‘everything you need, and nothing you don’t’, the technology that made the cut on the new Himalayan is all there for one purpose – to improve the experience for the rider. First and most prominent is the new TripperDash. The classic round shape has a number of innovative features for the rider, with options to switch from a traditional analogue style to a digital layout. The new TripperDash offers the world’s first full map navigation on around display built with Google Maps engine with audio guidance in more than 130 languages. The joy stick controller on the left-hand switch allows you to control the cluster as well as music, calls and messages as part of the mobile connectivity. Riders can choose between Performance and Eco ride modes, altering the throttle response through the new ride-by-wire setup. Rear ABS can be disabled for a more engaging off-road ride experience. 

The A to Z of ADV Accessories. 

With over 30 exciting new Genuine Motorcycle Accessories to choose from on the all new Himalayan, there is something for everyone. These products can be configured in a way to create two very distinctive, aspirational themes – Adventure and Rally. The Adventure accessories focus on the long-distance capabilities of this motorcycle,with bespoke Box Aluminium Luggage, Taller Adventure Screen, Adventure Seats and LED Fog Lights. The Rally accessories really accentuate the New Himalayan’s off-road capability when the Rally Rear Mudguard is paired with the slimmer one-piece Rally Seat to give the motorcycle a more aggressive look and stance. This set-up will also accommodate the Rackless Soft Bags and Tail pack, while the Rally Handguards, Sump Guard and Headlight Guard provide the ultimate in protection for more extreme terrain.


Hitting the road with the Modello Quattro U4-RE, a limited edition collaboration of 122 exquisite timepieces. 

In its latest limited edition release UNIMATIC joins forces with Royal Enfield, synonymous with timeless design and a legacy of unparalleled journeys. Limited to only 122 pieces, The Royal Enfield x UNIMATIC Modello Quattro ref. U4-RE is a military watch Made in Italy, built to reflect the spirit of adventure and craftsmanship that both brands stand for. 

It features a glossy black dive dial with bright red Royal Enfield logo and markers in Super-LumiNova® GL old radium lume and gold metallic closed second rail, reminiscent of the iconic Madras stripes, hand laid on Royal Enfield models for generations. Fitted with the Seiko NH35A automatic movement tuned to 21600bph with 41h power reserve and hacking second hand, this timepiece features a heavily sandblasted 40mm stainless steel case that was inspired by the finish of the Royal Enfield’s legendary engine. The screw-down case back is engraved with a “Made like a gun” Royal Enfield slogan and the individual identification number.

The watch comes on a black heavy-duty nylon nato strap, black DLC brushed hardware signed UNIMATIC and an extra cognac two-piece calf leather strap. Given the small quantities produced, the watch can only be secured via draw on launches., with a price of €550. The draw will be open from November 9th, 6:00 PM CET until November 16th, 6:00 PM CET.

This exclusive collaboration between UNIMATIC and Royal Enfield pays homage to the shared values of precision, passion, and authentic craftsmanship. The resulting timepiece reflects the soul of two iconic brands coming together.

Technical Specifications: UNIMATIC Modello Quattro U4-RE

  • 300m water-resistance
  • Time function
  • 316 stainless steel sandblasted finish
  • Diameter 40mm case
  • Glossy black dive dial with bright red Royal Enfield logo 
  • Super-LumiNova® GL old radium
  • Black heavy-duty nylon nato strap, black DLC brushed hardware signed UNIMATIC 
  • Extra cognac two-piece calf leather strap, Black DLC brushed hardware signed UNIMATIC (ENDS)


  • Meteor 350 cruiser, gets a stylish new palette of colourways in the new Aurora range.
  • The new Aurora range will feature a gleaming chrome-engine, spoked wheels, aluminium switch cubes and Tripper as standard.
  • Existing Fireball, Stellar and Supernova ranges get new features as well.

Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size (250cc-750cc) motorcycle segment, announced the European launch of a new range of features and colourways on the globally celebrated Meteor 350. Inspired by the colours of the sky and the horizon, the Meteor 350 Aurora will be available in addition to the existing Fireball, Stellar and Supernova variants. The newly refreshed Meteor 350 range will appeal to those who yearn for less city and more horizon, offering the riders an opportunity to elevate their view and embark on unforgettable journeys inspired by the ever-changing shades of the sky.

Positioned between the Stellar and Supernova, the Meteor 350 Aurora offers a stunning new range of colourways in Aurora Blue, Aurora Green and Aurora Black, complementing the nature and character of the easy cruiser. The new Aurora range comes with a unique blend of retro-inspired elements such as the spoke wheels and chrome-finished parts including engine, exhaust system and components, and features a deluxe touring seat, Tripper navigation, LED headlamps, and aluminium switch cubes. With the addition of this new variant, the Meteor 350 promises to appeal to those customers who are looking for a retro-looking ‘easy cruiser’ from Royal Enfield.

Speaking about the new range and enhancements on the Meteor 350, B Govindarajan, CEO – Royal Enfield said, “As we reflect on the remarkable success of the Meteor 350 in India and international markets it is evident that the Meteor has struck a chord with many motorcycling enthusiasts. Its dynamic cruising ability and dependable performance have resonated deeply with our riders. The Aurora range is a result of our constant interactions with our community of riders, where we witnessed a strong inclination towards retro-inspired cruisers. The new colourways and features are sure to elevate the pleasure of pure retro-cruising among our customers.” 

Alongside the launch of the new variant in Aurora, the existing ranges of Fireball, Stellar and Supernova also get new features and updates. The top-of-the-line Supernova range now gets a notch higher, with LED headlamp and aluminium switch cubes along with other premium elements and features. The Stellar range now gets the Tripper navigation device as a standard fitment and the Fireball comes with an elegant Black as the standard stock colour. Customers can personalise the Meteor 350 from a growing range of bespoke Genuine Motorcycle Accessories.

Cruising high in its third year since launch, the Royal Enfield Meteor 350 enjoys love and admiration amongst motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe. The Meteor 350 offers a super smooth and refined ride, in and around cityscapes or on that longer cruise out of town. The Meteor 350 has upped the game for Royal Enfield and set new benchmarks in the mid-size motorcycle segment. Sold in more than 60 countries, the Meteor 350 is recognized as a thoroughbred easy cruiser by motorcycle experts and has won many accolades across the globe.

Attractively priced, the new Meteor 350 Aurora variant comes at a price tag of £4,219. The Fireball variant is priced at £4,059; Stellar at £4,139 and the Supernova at £4,219.

Aurora Blue

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Aurora Black

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Aurora Green

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