ERGO-FIT™ Extended Reach components Vulcan S

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ERGO-FIT™ Extended Reach components Vulcan S

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‘ERGO-FIT™ Extended Reach
(Suggested for riders taller than 183cm)
Adjustable factory components and Ergo-Fit extended reach accessories give you comfort and confidence with more room to stretch out and enjoy your ride.

Step1: Ergo-Fit 3 position footpegs can be adjusted 25mm forward with longer accessory tie rod, for more legroom.

Step2: Ergo-Fit Original handlebar levers (brake&clutch) can be positioned farther away from the body for riders with larger hands.

Step3: Ergo-Fit The extended reach gel front seat’s hip support is moved back 25mm providing more room for the rider. Must be combined with matching rear seat.’

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Extended Reach front seat with gel insert, Extended Reach rear seat + bracket, Tie-rod L=230 mm. Longer. For adjustable footpeg LH

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