Heavy Duty outdoor covers.

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Heavy Duty outdoor covers.

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Strong durable multi layered fabric with taped seams. Heat resistant honeycomb till 120 degrees Celcius. Subtle Branding. 
100% Polyester. With multi usable packing backpack.
(XL+Topcase cover has extra compartment that can be zipped open to make room for topcase)

Ninja 400 (EX400G, EX400L)   18MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Ninja 650 (EX650K, EX650M, EX650P, EX650S)   17MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Ninja 1000SX (ZXT02K)   20MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium) (No panniers)
Ninja ZX-10R (ZXT00S, ZXT00Z, ZXT02C, ZXT02E, ZXT02G, ZXT02H)   16-20MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Ninja ZX-10R (ZXT02L, ZXT02N)   21MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Ninja H2 SX (ZXT02A, ZXT02B, ZXT02P, ZXT02R) 18MY-  039PCU0030 (Extra Large+TC) (No panniers)
Versys 650  (KLE650E, KLE650F, KLE650H) 15MY-   039PCU0030 (Extra Large+Topcase ) (No panniers)
Versys 1000  (LZT00B, LZT00C, LZT00D, KZT00E) 15MY-   039PCU0030 (Extra Large+Topcase ) (No panniers)
W800  (EJ800A, EJ800B, EJ800C, EJ800D, EJ800E, EJ800F)   11MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Z400 (ER400D, ER400F)   19MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Z650 (ER650H, ER650K, ER650N, ER650S)   17MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Z900 (ZR900B, ZR900D, ZR900F, ZR900H, ZR900M)  17MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Z900RS (ZR900C, ZR900K, ZR900N, ZR900R)  17MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Z900RS Cafe (ZR900E, ZR900L)  18MY-  = 039PCU0029 (Medium)
Z1000SX (ZXT00W)   17-19MY  = 039PCU0029 (Medium) (No panniers)

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Extra Large+Top case, Medium


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