Premium Rear Bike Stand

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Premium Rear Bike Stand

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‘A bike stand is perfect for doing maintenance on the rear of your bike, lubricating your chain, changing tires etc.
This Premium Rear Bike Stand can be disassembled. This makes transportation a lot easier. The compact bike stand comes in a shop worthy carrying case with a built-in carrying handle.
The stand is made of premium steel and has a green and black finish. The Kawasaki logo is laser cut in steel.

Maximum Curb Mass 265kg
Optional are the forks to suit your preference;
-The Y-forks are to be used in combination with bobbins. (163JAY0021)
-The L-forks can be used to support the rear swing arms. (163JAY0022)

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L-forks for Premium Rear Bike Stand, Premium Rear Bike Stand, Y-forks for Premium Rear Bike Stand


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